How To Choose The Right Lubricant

With the number of lubricants on the market, it can be overwhelming trying to decide which one is right for you. I know I’ve had this struggle! 

So I decided to put together a handy infographic that you can download to your phone for easy reference when you’re standing in front of the lubricant section in the store. No need to remember the nitty-gritty, just straight to the point!

I have included five difference types of lubricants with the main pros and cons attached to them. Choosing one will depend on your type of sexual activity as well as your personal preference when you’ve started to try them out for yourself. For now I won’t be including specific brands of lubricant but I’m sure I will review a whole bunch of them in the future for you!

how to choose the right lubricant

A Quick Summary:

  • If you need an all-round lubricant for a wide range of sexual activities, then a water-based lubricant is your best bet. 
  • For PIV (penis in vagina) sex, water-based is a good choice. 
  • For anal sex, silicone-based would be more appropriate. 
  • Just remember that you can only use water-based lubricants when you are using silicone toys to prevent the silicone in the toy from breaking down and causing problems “down there”.

I hope this simple infographic was helpful and you’ll get some good use out of it. Please let me know what you think and whether you would like more infographics like this in the future!

Much love,

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