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Why I Hate The Term "Sex Drive"

What is libido?

libido /lɪˈbiːdəʊ/


Sexual desire or sexual drive

Origin: Early 20th century from Latin, literally ‘desire or lust’.

Improve your low libido

Sometimes you need to look at things from a different perspective

Talking about your sexual problems can be an uncomfortable (or absolutely terrifying) experience

That’s why I’ve created a safe space where you can get all the information, tips, tricks and recommendations that ACTUALLY WORK and are based on real science.

I haven’t got time for fluffy nonsense “solutions” and I’m sure you don’t either!

If you’re here right now, I’m sure you’ve already tried everything you can think of to fix this on your own. Maybe your relationship is in deep trouble and you’re here as a last resort.

Whatever your reasons are, let me show you how to tackle your low libido head-on from a new perspective. Based on real scientific research and my own clinical work, I have developed a strong method and process for not only making peace with your libido, but for improving the intimacy in your relationship again – both the physical and the emotional. 

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Why I Hate The Term “Sex Drive”

The biggest myth about libido, sexual desire or sex drive, is that you should always be feeling the “urge” to have sex. As soon as that “urge” is gone, we start to wonder whether something is wrong with us. Is it true? Is libido a sexual drive that is ingrained in us for survival? No. Is it okay that there’s a time and a place for sex in our lives? Yes. Let me explain why.

Review: Liquid Gold Lube Sexual Lubricant

Have you been looking for a 100% natural, vegan, plant-based personal lubricant designed to enhance your sexual experiences with quality ingredients? If so, you’re in the right place! Today I’m reviewing Liquid Gold Lube for you so you can make an informed decision when you make your lube purchasing decisions. This uniquely South African lube is definitely one to keep on your radar when looking for the perfect water-based lube.

How To Take The Brakes Off Your Sex Drive

If you think about your sex drive like a car, you’ll soon realise that there are accelerators which get you going and inhibitors (or brakes) that stop you from getting aroused. Your car isn’t going to go anywhere if your foot is firmly on the brake, and the same thing happens with your sex drive. By learning how to take the brakes off your sex drive, you can improve your sex drive and experience more satisfying sex. And here I’m going to show you how to do exactly that.

How To Hit The Accelerator On Your Libido Today

In order to improve your libido you need to understand how your libido works. Here I will break down how libido works and show you how you hit the accelerator on your libido starting today. If you’re in a long-term committed relationship, I’m sure you’re very aware how different your sex life is now compared to when you first started dating.

How To Hack Your Libido

Does it feel like your libido has stalled and you just can’t get it back into gear? Does it seem like nothing revs your engine anymore? Allow me be your libido mechanic and show you how to hack your libido and get it going again so you can get where you want to be.

7 Reasons Why You Should Expand Your Definition Of Sex

Is your definition of sex limited to penis-in-vagina (P-in-V) penetration? I don’t blame you. That’s what you have been brought up to believe. “Make sure you have safe sex by using a condom” and “Don’t have sex, sex leads to pregnancy”. But what happens when you expand your definition of sex? I’m sure you’ve heard it all. Like the word “hook-up” which can mean anything from kissing to sex, sex can mean different things for different people.

Looking For A Magic Pill To Fix Your Low Libido?

Low libido is one of the most common struggles affecting women today, research shows that 26.7% to 52.4% of women have experienced significant low libido in their lifetime. Knowing this, finding a simple solution in the form of a pill could potentially help millions of women across the world. Men have had Viagra to keep them going since 1998. Is there something similar available for women? Where’s the magical pink Viagra for women with low libido?

The 5 Best Blog Posts About Responsive Sexual Desire

Simply understanding the difference between spontaneous and responsive sexual desire can change the way you see your sex life forever. You can go from thinking you’re broken and struggling with low libido to reclaiming how your body works and making your sex life work FOR you rather than AGAINST you.

3 Reasons Why I HATE Foreplay

Hate may be a strong word, but by reading this post I’m sure I can convert you too! Foreplay is an outdated concept that needs to be left in the past where it belongs. Why do I get so fired up about foreplay? Because it has very real implications for the pleasure of women. Gone are the days where sex is supposed to be about men and their pleasure. Women deserve to experience all the pleasure, intimacy and connection that they desire, and we’re not going to let the concept of foreplay stand in their way.

3 Reasons Why You Should Stop Waiting To Be In The Mood For Sex

Have you been waiting to feel in the mood for sex and it just never lands up happening? You’ve been waiting for weeks, maybe months, to feel any glimmer of sexual desire but it seems way out of reach. It’s like your body is broken and doesn’t crave sex anymore. You turn down your partner’s requests for sex every time saying you’re just “not in the mood” and “maybe tomorrow”, but tomorrow never comes. You haven’t had sex in so long you’ve even forgotten what it feels like to experience sexual desire.

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Why I Hate The Term "Sex Drive"

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