What Shall we uncover?

  • Sexual and Reproductive Health

    All topics will be based on science and be broken down into easy-to-understand bites of information. Topics may include sexually transmitted diseases, HIV, contraception, sexual function and dysfunction.

  • Sexual Empowerment

    How to take ownership of your sexuality so you can experience joy and pleasure. Let's heal sexual shame and guilt. Let's make it a priority to feel fully sexually expressed, full of self-love and become sexually enlightened women.

  • Sexuality

    Sexuality is complex and it includes a diverse range of sexual behaviour. We'll cover everything from sexual orientation, to gender and identity, to fetishes and all things pleasure.

  • Turning Up The Heat

    How to reignite the flames of passion in your relationship; go on erotic adventures; and have the life full of desire and intimacy that you deserve.

Recent Posts

  • Did Birth Control Steal My Orgasm?!

    What happens when the thing that is supposed to help you have more care-free sex actually disrupts your sex life, messes with your sexual function, and steals your sexual desire or even your ability to orgasm? Birth control has been a great invention that allowed women, for the first time, to control whether they wanted to have […]

  • The Condom Broke! Do I Need To Take Emergency Contraception? Will It Affect My Ability To Have Kids In The Future?

    Today, many couples are depending on condoms as their primary method of birth control. But what happens when the condom suddenly breaks and panic ensues? This is where emergency contraception (EC) or “the morning after pill” comes into play. It can be used after sex where no birth control method was used or the sex […]

  • Which Birth Control Method Is The Most Effective?

    Are you looking to start taking birth control? Maybe you have tried a few options in the past and they aren’t working for you. Maybe you have even got pregnant while on a particular type birth control! Whatever your reason may be, the first logical question to ask when trying to determine your options is, […]

  • The 7 Real Reasons Why You’re Having Painful Sex

    Painful sex is something that a lot of women deal with and but not many of us feel comfortable talking about it or bringing it up to our doctors. Let’s set things straight at the beginning, sex should not be painful! If there is pain during sex, then something is not right. Whether you have […]

  • Is My Vagina Normal?

    As a woman, I’m sure we have all asked, at one point or another, “Is my vagina normal? I’ve never seen a real vulva other than my own!”. It is a question that we are too scared to ask, and for some, it weighs heavy on our minds. View this post on Instagram A post […]

  • What is Chlamydia?

    Sometimes hearing all of these big scary names of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) can be quite intimidating. I can totally understand why someone would rather look the other way! This is why I’m going to be breaking down each STI one at a time so later on we can bring them all together and compare […]