Sex & HIV: What You Need To Know Today

HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) is probably the most feared sexually transmitted infection around today. And there are reasons for that! HIV is not something to mess around with, especially because there is no cure. But that doesn’t mean that if you get HIV...

Herpes: Everything You Need To Know

Have you ever heard someone say, “Be careful, HERPES IS FOREVER!” If you’re like me, this scare tactic has been ingrained in us from a young age in order to try and deter us from sexual exploration. I won’t lie, it kinda worked. via GIPHY But...

6 Facts About HPV That Will Make You Feel Better

HPV, or human papilloma virus is a sexually transmitted infection that everyone needs to know about. But just how worried do you need to be about it? Is it something you can ignore or are there certain things you need to watch out for. The answer: a little bit of...

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