3 Reasons Why You Should Stop Waiting To Be In The Mood For Sex

Have you been waiting to feel in the mood for sex and it just never lands up happening? You’ve been waiting for weeks, maybe months, to feel any glimmer of sexual desire but it seems way out of reach. It’s like your body is broken and doesn’t crave sex anymore. You turn down your partner’s requests for sex every time saying you’re just “not in the mood” and “maybe tomorrow”, but tomorrow never comes. You haven’t had sex in so long you’ve even forgotten what it feels like to experience sexual desire.

I Never Initiate Sex: My Partner Resents Me For It

“I never initiate sex and we keep arguing about it. He just doesn’t get it”. “He thinks I’m not attracted to him anymore but that’s really not true! I love him and want to be with him, I just haven’t been up for sex lately!” Ever heard yourself utter those words once or twice? It’s more common than you think. Just because you’ve stopped initiating sex, it doesn’t mean that you aren’t attracted to your partner anymore. But how do we make them see it that way?

3 Ridiculously Simple Reasons Why You Don’t Have Sex Anymore

Have you gone without sex for over 3 months and can’t put your finger on why? You just don’t feel like having sex anymore, and to be honest, your partner has given up trying to initiate with you. There could be so many reasons why you don’t have sex anymore, and I’m here to tell you that it can all be boiled down to these 3 reasons.

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